North Dakota Governor Burgum joins governors' partnership aimed at increasing access to K-12 computer science education

December 7, 2017

Governor Burgum joined's Governors Partnership for K-12 Education. As the Regional Partner for in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana, America Campaign's Teaching Teachers Tech Initiative (headquartered in Missoula, MT) is bringing no cost professional development for K-12 educators in all four states interested in teaching computer science.

“As’s Regional Partner for North Dakota, we are excited that Gov. Burgum has joined the GovsForCS partnership to make Computer Science education a priority for all K-12 students,” said Devin B. Holmes, Founder of America Campaign . “In collaboration with TIE, our Teachers Teaching Tech initiative is poised to bring no-cost professional development to North Dakota’s educators and develop more opportunities for students to gain relevant 21st century skills.”

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