Missoula Redevelopment Agency looks to purchase parking spots in new Front Street housing project

September 15, 2016

The Missoula Redevelopment Agency received preliminary approval to use tax increment financing to purchase 150 parking spaces in a garage planned as part of a larger project on East Front Street.

A subsequent request from MRA is expected to follow seeking approval for a $3.2 million revenue bond to help construct a portion of the new garage.

The structure is planned as part of a six-story student housing project with 488 beds, including two levels of parking. The project is planned by Farran Realty Partners.

"If downtown is going to grow, it's going to have to have more parking," said Chris Behan, assistant director of MRA. "One, to attract more offices downtown, and two, to expand retail."

Martin Kidston

Full Story: http://www.missoulacurrent.com/government/2016/09/mra-looks-purchase-parking-spots-new-front-street-housing-project/


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