US Businesses, Educators Team Up to Boost Language Skills "The World is Flat"

June 25, 2006

Business leaders and educators often find themselves on opposing sides of the debate on political and social issues. But they are joining forces to press for greater resources for education in international studies and foreign languages.

Earlier this year a business policy group, the Committee for Economic Development (CED) issued a report called Education for Global Leadership. The report warns of serious threats to the U.S. economy and national security if the United States does not improve education in foreign languages and international studies.

CED President Charles Kolb says the report grew out of the group's concerns relating to international trade and economic globalization.

"There was a concern on the part of a number of people on the board that there are not enough young people in this country who know very much about the world outside our borders, combined with a growing recognition of the need to have more people in this country fluent in foreign languages," he said.

The concern, Kolb adds, extends far beyond economic issues.

By Barbara Schoetzau New York

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