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These are the six things the best mentors never do:

5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Start in Sales:

The emotionally intelligent way to give feedback to your boss:

"Never Stop Learning" - How To Become A Lifelong Learner In A World Of Change - "The State with the Best Education Wins!":

As a new business advisor, I often meet aspiring entrepreneurs looking for that magic formula for success. I tell them that success in today's rapidly changing environment simply means learning and adapting ...

New University of Montana doctors ready to cross Montana to begin rural family medicine:

When Cassie Lopez and her husband, Brian, interviewed with the Family Medicine Residency program at the University of Montana, the school's focus on rural care led them to cancel their remaining interviews ...

How You Should Answer The 10 Most Common Interview Questions:

5 predictions for when big data will become everyone's job:

Big data was once a responsibility reserved for data analysts and technical experts, but we're entering an era where everyone is, in some ways, required to use data in their own roles. Larry Alton ...

Want to Deliver Unforgettable Presentations? Use the 30-Second Rule:

4 Ways Mr. Rogers Forged Deep Relationships With Everyone He Met:

If you think your job is pointless, it probably is - "Professional scotch taper" for the President?:

Earlier this week, Politico published a bonkers story about Solomon Lartey and Reginald Young Jr., two former "records management analysts" in the White House whose $65,000-a-year jobs entailed preserving ...

How to Find Out If Your Company Pays Men and Women Equally--And What to Do Next:

This 95-Year Stanford Study Reveals 1 Secret to Living a Longer, More Fulfilling Life:

Women Are Interrupted Twice as Often as Men in Meetings. Here Are 7 Tips to Have Your Voice Heard:

America is unprepared for the "jobs apocalypse" automation will bring:

In coming years, U.S. workers, especially low skilled, low wage workers, are set to face a major economic disruption as automation and the robotic revolution are expected to replace millions of ...

'Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World--and Why Things Are Better Than You Think' :

"One of the most important books I've ever read--an indispensable guide to thinking clearly about the world." - Bill Gates "Hans Rosling tells the story of 'the secret silent miracle of human progress' ...

These 5 time-wasters are killing your job search:

9 "Future-Proof" Careers, According To The World's Largest Job Site:

The automation of jobs has many advantages, like increased productivity. However, the main disadvantage is that people are concerned their careers may become obsolete in the next few decades. A recent ...

It's Not Liberal Arts And Literature Majors Who Are Most Underemployed:

Use These Five Tricks To Never Forget Something Important Again:

"We all have a good memory; the problem is no one taught us how to use it," says four-time USA Memory Champion Nelson Dellis. By Stephanie Vozza ...

5 Proven Techniques That Will Make You a Fearless Public Speaker:

What advice do you wish you'd gotten when you graduated from college? 25 TED speakers answer.:

What a difference a word can make: How a single word can change your conversation:

British psychologist Elizabeth Stokoe studies the patterns in talk that most of us don't even notice. She explains how her research can be used to train people to interact more effectively. Elizabeth ...

Use this one-paragraph cover letter to land your next job interview:

Pilot-hungry airlines are raiding flight schools — creating a shortage of instructors to train the next generation:

Airlines' insatiable demand for pilots threatens to sabotage flight schools' ability to train new ones. Carriers are raising wages and hoarding every available pilot -- including the instructors schools ...

America doesn't have enough truckers, and it's starting to cause prices of about everything to rise:

Joyce Brenny, chief executive of Brenny Transportation in Minnesota, gave her truck drivers a 15 percent raise this year, but she still can't find enough workers for a job that now pays $80,000 a year. A ...

4 Questions you Should Ask Your Potential Employer:

Quirky workplace perks, like indoor putting greens and free popcorn in the break room, might drive some millennials to jump at taking a job. But the basics, like what's the match on the 401(k), will ...

8 Ways To Test The Depth Of A Startup Before Joining:

Every startup founder loves to prompt for questions from investors and potential key team members about their vision, and the huge opportunity that can be had with their disruptive technology. Yet if ...

MIT Professor: To Be Happier and More Productive, Spend 30 Minutes Each Day 'Wasting Time':

5 ways you can use visualization to achieve top performance:

I've always been afraid of water. To confront those fears, I decided to learn how to scuba dive, even before I learned how to swim! I would need to use visualization to achieve top performance if I hoped ...

Why introverts might actually be better networkers:

"I'm an introvert," someone inevitably tells me when I speak about building a professional network. "Networking is just not for me." These people assume networking belongs solely in the domain of the ...

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