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November 2017

Monday, November 6
COBREW Fest - Saving The World, One Beer At A Time - 11/6 - Lolo, Montana
5:00 PM
Lolo Peak Brewing Company 6201 Brewery Way, Lolo, Montana 59847
Come celebrate Lolo Peak Brewing Company joining the COBREW team! Through our partnership, Lolo Peak is brewing quality beer while simultaneously reducing their greenhouse gas emissions up to 90%! And we think that's worth celebrating!

There will be:

Beer brewed with COBREW

Free growler fill raffles

Merch and more!

Did you know?....

Yeast produces CO2 during fermentation as a byproduct of converting sugars to alcohol. Small brewers have been unable to capture CO2 produced by fermentation due to lack of technology. Therefore CO2 from fermentation is released into the atmosphere and is wasted. Brewers purchase purified CO2 from gas distributors to carbonate the beer. We are the FIRST brewery to utilize CO-Brew. CO-Brew technology allows us to capture and purify the CO2 produced during fermentation to use in all aspects of beer production, reducing greenhouse gasses and allowing us to be 100% efficient in gas production and utilization.

Monday at 5 PM - 9 PM

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