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November 2017

Friday, November 3
Public Hearing Notice - Proposed Changes Incumbent Worker Training Program - 11/3 - Helena
10:00 AM
Lewis Room (basement conference room) at the Walt Sullivan Building, 1315 E. Lockey Avenue, Helena
This is to advise you of the public hearing for the proposed changes to the Administrative Rules pertaining to the Incumbent Worker Training program.

MAR Notice No. 24-22-324

On November 3, 2017, at 10:00 a.m., a public hearing will be held in the Lewis Room (basement conference room) at the Walt Sullivan Building, 1315 E. Lockey Avenue, Helena, Montana, to consider the matter of the adoption of NEW RULES I through IX and the repeal of ARM 24.22.301, 24.22.304, 24.22.307, 24.22.311, 24.22.316, and 24.22.321 pertaining to the incumbent worker training program.

Public Comment will be accepted per MAR Notice No. 24-22-324. Once the public comment period has closed, all comments will be addressed.

The Administrative Rules are not automatically adopted at the end of the public hearing or public comment period. IWT staff must first address all public comments and file the commentary to the Secretary of State's office with the Department's intent to adopt the new Rules.

IWT will begin accepting applications after the Secretary of State's office posts notification that the rules are adopted.

The proposed changes are based on changes to 53-2-1215-1220, MCA.

Chris Wilhelm

Incumbent Worker Training Program Manager

Montana Department of Labor & Industry

Workforce Services Division

PHONE (406) 444-3351

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