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September 2017

Monday, September 25
Missoula Regional Manufacturing Growth Workshop - 9/25
8:00 AM
Missoula College
What's your role in improving outcomes for your company, our local economy, and the workforce?

You are invited to attend the Missoula Regional Manufacturing Growth Workshop, where manufacturers and businesses in the Missoula region will come together to think differently about strategic regional and sector growth issues, accelerate the collaborations needed to address them, and create an action plan for the area!

This one-day workshop will facilitate participants to form action-oriented collaborations quickly, move them toward a meaningful and measurable outcomes, and make adjustments along the way.

You will partner with manufacturing peers, along with public and private sector partners to identify pathways to overcome current pressing challenges.

To learn more, or register for this event, click the link below!

Or, Contact Shane Cantrell


NOTE: FREE parking is available next door at MONTEC (1121 E. Broadway St.). Missoula College will start charging for parking beginning this school year (during the time of this event). MONTEC is within walking distance of the Missoula College.

What would it look like if the Missoula area was a regional center of manufacturing excellence?

Missoula College, Univ. of Montana, Room 230 1205 E. Broadway St. Missoula, Montana 59802


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