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Planning in the Face of Transportation Revolutions

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October 30, 2017View for printing

Properly channeled, the three transportation revolutions can make our communities stronger. But it will take the steadfast support of strategic planners, using our best available tools, to achieve our best-case transportation future.

The era of individually owned, gas-powered cars driven by human beings might be drawing to a close. A new age of shared, zero-emission, automated vehicles is likely emerging. Best-case scenario: we end up with cleaner air, better-connected communities, and an expansion of accessible and affordable mobility options for all. Worst-case scenario: we end up with more sprawl and pollution as people are willing to travel farther in their cushy driverless cars.

Planners will play a key role in determining whether our transportation future is bright or nightmarish. Absent policy reform, this new era could contribute to more sprawl, but a sustainable planning approach that supports both higher-density development and lower single-occupant (or zero-occupant) driving could also put people first, before cars.

Guest contributor Marco Anderson maps out a role for planners in preparing for an era of shared, automated, and zero-emissions mobility technology. ... revolutions

Reader Comments:

The end of the individually owned car centered environment (carcatecture) is coming. Will your community be ahead or behind the significant modifications that will be possible to fully benefit from the transportation and design changes that will impact all of us in uncountable ways?

Here's what Missoula has done to prepare for this revolution.

2016 Missoula Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) ... /View/39171

Missoula Design Excellence ... /View/40892


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