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The Future of the Nation's Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

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October 27, 2017View for printing

People won't drive electric vehicles much differently than they drive gas powered vehicles. That means charging infrastructure will be needed in communities to supply electricity for many short drives. ... e-analysis/

Reader Comments:

Future elements not considered in this report:

1. People will not own nor drive cars - they will subscribe to an oncall service. Driving your own car will have a sigma similar to walking into a crowded bakery and lighting up a cigar with a flamethrower.

2. Car fleets will have their own system for recharging.

3. Conductive charging will be incorporated to a complete re-build of our travel corridors. These will also generate significant additional energy for consumption to replace traditional generation sources.

4. The end of "Carcatecture" will have as great an impact on our lives as did the introduction of the computer. No longer will just about everything we do revolve in some way around our transportation and mechanical systems.

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