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Montana Senate president Scott Sales calls cyclists 'rude,' 'self-centered' before safety bill dies

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March 14, 2017View for printing

Sales said if cyclists want more safety, it's up to them.

"They're some of the most self-centered, rude people navigating on the highways and county roads I've seen. They won't move over. You can honk at them. They think they own the highway."

A bill to establish a safe distance between cars and bicycles sharing the road was voted down by the Senate on Monday after Senate President Scott Sales email: ... AWSID=12926 called cyclists "self-centered" and "rude."

House Bill 267 was carried by Rep. Frank Garner, R-Kalispell. It had passed the House on a 62-37 vote and cleared a Senate committee last week on a 7-3 vote. It failed on a 24-26 vote on second reading in the Senate and was indefinitely postponed shortly after.


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Reader Comments:

Politicians are some of the most self-centered, rude people--always spending other peoples money and forcing large amounts of debt upon the taxpayer and then confiscating a large part of their income to repay these debts. You can vote them out of office, but they never stop spending. I would love to buy more bicycles, but government takes such a large chunk out of my check while assuring me I am free, which makes it harder to buy more cool bicycles.

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