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Time to invest in Montana's infrastructure - Evan Barrett

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December 28, 2016View for printing

A great nation's strength, like that of a great building, is built upon a solid foundation. The larger the nation or building, the more substantial the required foundation. Besides the human, spiritual, philosophical and intellectual foundation, there must be a strong infrastructural foundation.

A great nation must have good roads, streets and highways, safe and pure water delivery systems as well as wastewater treatment that prevents pollution of water supplies. It needs a modern air transportation system, including airports; good passenger and freight rail service, as well as good ports and shipping infrastructure. A solid electrical power grid and modern pipelines are essential. These and many more infrastructural items support a modern nation. Without them we are weak.


Evan Barrett of Butte will soon be retiring after 47 years at the top level of Montana economic development, government, politics and education. He currently writes columns and commentaries, is an award-winning producer of Montana history films at Montana Tech/Highlands College and occasionally teaches. These are his personal views.

(MATR and I personally would like to extend our congratulations to Evan for his considerable contributions to the Montana economy and its success. He was one of the original economic developers who built so many of our existing organizations and programs. His tireless work has done so much to move Montana forward in so many areas. Well done Evan. All the best)

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Reader Comments:

Amen to that, Russ.

I live in Butte, and have had the good fortune to work with Evan for the past 20 years or so. Nothing ever gets him down, and he is always ready to lend anyone in Butte a hand.

Evan, thank you for what you have done for our company, and for me personally.

Dan Harrington
Interactive Technology Group

I've had the pleasure of knowing Evan for over a decade and he's definitely a true believer when it comes to all things Montana. Evan - if our MAPS program can help in any way all you gotta do is let us know. Happy New Year. Peter

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