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Missoula, Montana's Submittable Raises $1.3 Million to Improve Online Submissions

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December 11, 2016View for printing

Wanted to share the 1 year anniversary story from the Wall Street Journal of a great Montana success story.

Submittable has spent the last year just getting better and better thanks to it's amazing staff and investors.


In a rare venture capital deal for Montana, Missoula-based Submittable Holdings Inc. raised $1.34 million in Series A venture funding for an app that makes it easy for media companies, publishers, schools and grant-giving organizations to accept and review submissions online.

To date, Submittable's app has allowed organizations of any kind to accept, manage and review different types of content online, from resumes to creative visual or audio files. Submittable handles raw video and 100 different file types.

"We started with manuscripts and other things that were going to publishers in manila envelopes, or as large email attachments," said Submittable co-founder and Chief Executive Michael FitzGerald,. "But this now works for film festivals and schools, HR departments, or you name it. It's not super sexy, perhaps, but we see use cases everywhere, and we're all over the place."


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Reader Comments:

Wanted to share the comments of one of Submittables earliest investors:

"Much of my life I have not had any money at all. In fact, I lived outside a lot in my 20?s, couch surfed at friends, slept in back-yard tool-sheds and up on mount Sentinel in Missoula, ate at the Povorello (and other soup kitchens), and was always edgy, often hungry, wet, cold and in need of a shower. But, like many people who are alone, I spent a tremendous amount of time studying, reading about a book a day. So, even though it was never planned in anyway, I got lucky with businesses. Now, in the past few years, I have been helping various start-ups with advise and ideas and sometimes a bit of angel investment. One of these start-ups, Submittable, really is zooming. Its brought new jobs to downtown Missoula. Brought smart, great people. Submittable is changing the way words get from writers to readers. I keep saying that Submittable is the salvation to the entire publishing industry. But I tend to think like this, big. When you are starving and living alone outside and have nothing but your dreams, you need to think big. And the best big dreams are the ones that can become real, and do become real. Submittable is real. And right here in Missoula, Montana. Paying attention to Submittable, and to my friend Michael A. FitzGerald could prove to be quite interesting." Steve Saroff

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