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Conquering Montana's Divide - Montana’s broadband network growing at unprecedented pace, transforming rural communities

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October 18, 2016View for printing

Montanans Never Shrink From Big Challenges

In this report you'll learn how the nine members of the Montana Telecommunications Association are working to bring state-of-the-art broadband internet, digital telephony, video, wireless and other telecommunications products and services to Montana's rural schools, businesses, residents, and emergency and health care services. Together, we are connecting Montana.

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Fiber may have expanded within Montana, but boy, do they have the door shut to other providers. Do you know the state considers Fiber optic a non utility and will not allow longitude installation along their DOT corridors? Look up what Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Utah have done with the DOT ROW allowing fiber providers to utilize the corridors. Major statewide systems, multiple providers, middle mile competition is bursting at the seams

Montana has some of the oldest Long distance routes connecting major urban areas Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis..and not many..2?

The internet is exactly as it sounds..Interconnection of networks..For speed, for pricing, for redundancy, interconnection is important....Is Montana telecom association promoting connectivity or just their members

The last mile may be beautiful but lacking in Middle mile, Longhaul connectivity...No IP peering locations. We can do better by the citizens of Montana and bring back jobs by promoting connectivity...not restricting/monopolizing
--Fiber guy

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