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The Brilliant Sorcery of England's 7-Circle Magic Roundabout

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August 3, 2016View for printing

I am from a different land--a different time, maybe--where the car people resist the circling. No circles at all costs, they say. Straight ahead is the way forward. But in this place, across the sea, the cars circle in all directions, within and without each other, a tango of mystery.

This place is Swindon, they tell me. It is in south England, a land recently torn asunder. They call this swirl of movement the "magic roundabout".

Aarian Marshall

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Reader Comments:

I can't help but marvel at the simple logic of English and European traffic circles while being continually disappointed at the over-engineered roundabouts in Missoula.

Our traffic planners apparently think that we are unable to comprehend what others have bee successfully using for many many years.

A roundabout in Europe could be as simple as a paper place placed in the intersection and then painted white around the outline. But in Missoula and other places, we need to build huge cement centers with unnecessarily divided and marked lanes to help those apparently incapable of making decisions to not only blight the visual community but also waste much more land than necessary.

I spend 5 years living in England and never had a problem with a roundabout. I would encourage everyone involved in planning these to spend some time learning how to do them correctly and much more efficiently.

If the British can use theirs, I'm sure Montana's drivers are capable of driving through much simpler roundabouts than currently being built. We're not as dumb as you apparently think we are.

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