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Montana industry executives, officials use strategies to retain, lure skilled workers

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September 3, 2015View for printing

There are a variety of measures in place in Montana to keep or lure back skilled workers and highly educated graduates, but there's still a long way to go to make the state competitive on a national scale.

On one hand, Montana ranks 38th in the country in terms of median household income. However, the natural scenic beauty and outdoor activity opportunities provide a counterbalance to that.


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The Montana Associated Technology Roundtable has been, for over 15 years, offering the no cost opportunity for employers to recruit those who want to "Come Home" through its "Come Home Montana" category ... ome+Montana It also encourages those who want to come home to post their resumes.

MATR is proud that there have been a significant number of successful matches that have allowed rewarding and successful career opportunities to be filled by those who left the state or who have a dream of living here but wanted to live here after they've reached a stage in their lives where Montana was the best place to live and work.

Please feel free to post your job opportunities. Candidates can also post their resumes to offer them to an ever-growing community of exciting Montana companies.

Posting articles and events is a great way to promote your company or organization. MATR welcomes articles, events, job openings, resumes, comments and company listings from registered members (also free) After you've registered, just go to the upper right hand side of the home page to "My Account"

Please let me know if you have an questions. or 406-531-8119

MATR has been pleased to help executives and tech experts find wonderful opportunities in Montana. I won't go into specifics but if any of you would like to provide a comment or two about your experiences, I'd appreciate it.

Helping people come home usually entails two big challenges. - 1. Salary differences can be significant and 2. How can the trailing spouse find an opportunity that is satisfactory, especially if they had a high paying position in their previous location or if there is a lack of opportunities in their field of expertise.

MATR has found that the salary difference can be significant but that the rewards of raising their family and enjoying all that Montana has to offer can be enough for them to justify the move. While the salary differences are becoming less due to technology, they still can be a problem.

Helping their spouse find a rewarding opportunity that is hopefully in their chosen field is an ongoing problem that can be addressed by having an active network of businesses and those who are active in recruiting.

With the ever-increasing challenges of workforce availability, it's important that Montana continue to proactively encourage its former residents to consider coming home to contribute to the Montana economy.

Montana labor report: Worker shortage begins as baby boomers retire

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