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Thinking Like a Leader: Three Big Shifts

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July 29, 2015View for printing

Leadership development often focuses on doing -- the mastering and use of certain desirable skills and behaviors that concretely show someone to be leading. Competency-based models can provide lists of such skills, as well as attributes of their practice. But where leadership effectiveness really starts is with thinking -- adopting a mental model that makes it possible to acquire those skills and demonstrate those behaviors in the first place. Mastering leadership thinking can be challenging, but it is absolutely essential. I may adopt the exact stance and handgrip of Jordan Spieth, but I'm unlikely to win the Masters -- while there may be a (wide) gap in our athletic abilities, there is an even larger one in our mental capacity for the game of golf.

Eric J. McNulty

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Worth reading. I'd add the study of irrationality. Why do people do that which is unexpected? Consider your own motivations as guidelines but study how and why others' differ. Ask why you see or get an unexpected response. Human nature rules, but it also varies. Take note of the's fascinating...and it helps us to understand, to accept, to adapt, and ultimately to better lead.

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