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'Face', Dirk Benedict, of the "A-Team" TV show would like to be Gov. of Montana

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February 11, 2003View for printing

A star of 80s television series The A-Team dropped in on Dáil today as politicians debated security at Shannon airport.

(Thanks to the Montana Chamber of Commerce for passing this along- Russ)

A star of 80s television series The A-Team dropped in on Dáil today as politicians debated security at Shannon airport.

Dirk Benedict – who played Face in the American action series – watched from the public gallery as Taoiseach Bertie Ahern was quizzed over the use of troops to patrol the airport.

“There has been a lot of serious talk so we thought we would bring in The A-Team to lighten things up,” said Kerry TD Tom McEllistrim, who gave the star a tour of the Dail.

Benedict watched from the public gallery as Mr Ahern spoke about the recent attacks on a US plane by peace protesters.

“I think they should put a mock plane outside Shannon and leave it unprotected to see if the protesters will try to attack it,” Benedict said afterwards.

He said recent acts of vandalism on a US navy plane had given the impression there was lots of anti-war feeling in Ireland, and that this was probably not true.

“My instinct is that an extremely small group of people did the damage to that plane, and they got a lot of attention in the media,” he said.

The TV star, who last night spoke at a debate on the eighties at University College Dublin, visited the Dáil on his way to a tour of the city’s Guinness museum.

“It’s my first time in Ireland,” he added. “The city’s much more cosmopolitan than I thought – I thought it would be much more Irish looking.

“The people are extremely friendly and very attractive.”

Benedict, who starred alongside muscleman BA Baracus (Mr T) and Hannibal (George Peppard) in the adventure series, said he was thinking of going into politics and would like to one day become governor of Montana. ... &p=5x55454x

Reader Comments:

Yes,Dirk Benedict would be a good Mon-
tana governor.But only under one con-
dition,if he's a Republican.And a con-
servative one.Conservative Republicans
are for good,moral values and born-a-
gain Christianity.They oppose abortion
and gay rights.But on the other hand,
liberal Democrats are just the exact
opposite.If he isn't a born-again Chr-
istian,then he needs to become one by
saying the sinner's prayer and he can
contact a pastor of a Pentecostal or an
Assembly of God church to see the Pas-
tor and tell him that he wants to get
born-again and to ask him for the sin-
ner's prayer.And furthermore,he has to
accept the fact that God does exist.The
Bible,in the Book of Genesis,explains
this and also,about Creation as well.
Belief in God is not silly.But instead,
nonbelief in God actually is.The Bible
says that only the fool says in his
heart that there is no God.Not everyone
is going to make it to Heaven but in-
stead,just a select group of people on-
ly.And the select group of people are
the born-again Christians.And in addition,if Dirk is a liberal Democrat,
then he needs to switch to conservative
Republican.The email you see is my freinds emails please email him back .

sincerely Barbara

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