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Legislative Alert: Bill to abolish Montana Department of Commerce and transfer functions to Montana Department of Labor Hearing Notification for HB621

March 25, 2013View for printing

Please be aware of a hearing tomorrow regarding HB621 that would abolish MDOC and transfer functions to MDLI. MEDA's leadership is compiling a letter to address this issue and will share with the MEDA membership later today. If you wish to contact members of the House Appropriations you can do so in several ways:

1. Send a letter to the committee secretary and request delivery to the committee by emailing Lisa Adams at

2. Use the online message form and send a message to the entire committee or individual committee members at

3. Leave a message for the entire committee or up to five legislators by calling (406) 444-4800.

5. Contact sponsor Champ Edmunds. ... AWSID=12621


"MEDA stands in strong opposition to this legislation. Montana has made significant strides economically in recent years and is recognized as a business leader among the states. To derail an effective mechanism for economic development with a proven track record of success during a time when Montana’s economy is shifting and changing would seriously damage Montana’s bright economic future."

Tracy McIntyre, MEDA President

MEDA represents over 230 members, who are actively involved in local economic activity, community development, job retention and job creation for Montana.

Full Letter: ... eepMDOC.pdf




SPONSOR: Champ Edmunds ... AWSID=12621

SHORT TITLE: Abolish dept. of commerce and transfer functions to dept. of labor and industry

COMMITTEE: House Appropriations

DATE: March 26, 2013 ROOM: 102 TIME: 8:30 AM

Member Assignment Duane Ankney Chair ... AWSID=13799

Steve Gibson Vice Chair ... AWSID=12615

Galen Hollenbaugh Vice Chair ... AWSID=13419

Nancy Ballance Member ... AWSID=15260

Randy Brodehl Member ... AWSID=12557

Rob Cook Member ... AWSID=12598

Mike Cuffe Member ... AWSID=12554

Kimberly Dudik Member ... AWSID=15267

Champ Edmunds Member ... AWSID=12621

Ron Ehli Member ... AWSID=12619

Carl Glimm Member ... AWSID=15238

Dave Hagstrom Member ... AWSID=15251

Roy Hollandsworth Member ... AWSID=13678

Donald W Jones Member ... AWSID=15142

Kelly McCarthy Member ... AWSID=15250

Bill McChesney Member ... AWSID=13798

Robert (Bob) Mehlhoff Member ... AWSID=13684

Pat Noonan Member ... AWSID=12766

Ryan Osmundson Member ... AWSID=12599

Lea Whitford Member ... AWSID=15241

Tom Woods Member ... AWSID=15254

Julie Johnson Legislative Branch Staffer

Joe Triem Legislative Branch Staffer

Lisa Adams Secretary

NOTE: Hearings are subject to change.

Gloria O'Rourke, Member

Montana Economic Development Services, PLLC

118 E. Seventh St.; Suite 2A

Anaconda, MT 59711

Ph: 406.563.5259 Cell: 406.490.0462

Fx: 406.563.5476

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