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The 10 Mistakes Most Likely to Get You Sued

Reader Comments

April 10, 2012View for printing

You may be violating an employment law just by trying to be nice to your employees, says a new report.

Courtney Rubin

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Reader Comments:

The information in this article is not from Montana so not all of it is accurate here. Be sure to check with the laws in Montana prior to making these types of decisions. Ex: There is no Montana or federal law that dictates you need to provide breaks or lunch periods.
--Barb Kennedy

In addition to my earlier comments I'd like to add that I think most of the article is somewhat applicable with a few different twists. On #7 they started talking about deductions from final paychecks and then got into when the final check is due. In Montana if you have a pre-existing written policy that states it, the final paycheck can be delayed until the next regularly scheduled payday or 15 days, whichever is soonest. As an aside, one of the things that I see the most in my work is employers paying employees on a salary basis so they don't have to pay overtime--because they don't know the laws on exempt and non-exempt employees. Paying a salary does not equate to not having to pay overtime. There is soooo much for our small employers to know and remember about employment laws and many of them get information online that's from other states--and they pay for it. If in doubt your Job Service office can answer questions (at no cost) prior to you seeking legal advice.
--Barb Kennedy

Many thanks for your comments and insight Barb. Much appreciated.

I was especially surprised by the fact that there is no Montana or federal law that dictates you need to provide breaks or lunch periods.

Just amazing...

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