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"Education Nation" - The Secret to Finland's Success

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September 28, 2011View for printing

Finnish schools and education have gotten a lot of attention in recent years due to our success on the PISA tests. We have received many visitors from around the world asking what our secret is, and why our students do so well.

Kari Louhivuori

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Young children should be climbing trees - without helmets and padding - and eating dirt - in small quantities and not in Butte. Young children should be visiting muffler shops to find out what a muffler is and why they are important. Young children should be shopping with their parents and learning how many peaches there are in a pound. Young children should be listening to stories told by their grandparents and the senior citizens in their neighborhood. Young children should get their own bit of dough to knead and shape into rolls. Young children should be able to take that candy cane cookie dough and shape hamburgers and hot dog out of it instead of whatever it was supposed to be.

Then those young children should go to school with a bigger picture that does not include peer dependency and too much time worrying about self esteem. A kid that makes hamburgers and hot dogs from Candy Cane cookie dough has plenty of self esteem!

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