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Montana Republican Says Drunkenness is "Way of Life"; Opposes DUI Laws

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March 30, 2011View for printing

Alan Hale ... LAWSID=8093 thinks being drunk is a way of life. TEA party legislator yesterday made an impassioned speech on the floor of the Montana statehouse for the elimination of all DUI laws. Intelligent Discontent has the story and the must watch video ... nk-driving/ .

Alan Hale, a frosh legislator from Basin, MT, says that "taverns and bars connect people together" and are "the centers of our communities". To get to them, says Hale, "you must drive," and thus DUI laws "are destroying a way of life" and should be eliminated.

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Montana lawmaker's speech against DUI laws creates outrage

A lawmaker's speech railing against drunken driving reform - mocked mercilessly by political opponents - is no laughing matter to activists who say it perpetuates the state's dangerous boozy culture.

Bar owner Alan Hale said in a speech on the House floor this week that DUI laws are harmful to small businesses, implying people need to drive home after drinking.

Tough DUI laws "are destroying a way of life that has been in Montana for years and years," said the Republican from the rural town Basin, where a few hundred people live near the mountains of the Continental Divide.

By STEPHEN DOCKERY Associated Press

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well , that's about as stupid as that Radio Shack guy giving away guns. As Bonnie said "only in MT".

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