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Montana Lawmakers have no shortage of ideas for bills

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December 7, 2004View for printing

Requests to draft bills for the 2005 Legislature keep are rolling in by the hundreds.

As of a key deadline Sunday, legislative bill drafters had received an even 1,800 requests to draft bill, compared with 1,668 at the same time two years ago, chief legislative lawyer Greg Petesch said Monday.

Lawmakers could request an unlimited number of bills before 5 p.m. Sunday. After that deadline, they can only request seven more bills, five of which must be used up before the Legislature begins Jan. 3.

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Want to legislate stocks in the prison industry. Keep promoting new laws.
You will legislate your self or your neighbor as a outlaw only to soon create a environment that you cannot move and then the federal goverment that offers these federal grants for doing so will create state legislatures who will capitolize on you after you no longer want any more legislation.

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